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Howdy, I’m Brad Burgess and I’m thrilled you have stumbled upon my photography site, Talking Excitingly. If you are on this page, I assume you want to know a little bit about me and why you might want to care about this site. So here we go:

What is Talking Excitingly?

Talking Excitingly is that moment when you are so excited about something, anything that you start talking really loud. Some may call it yelling, but I call it Talking Excitingly. My wife, child, friends, and co-workers don’t agree, they say I’m yelling, they're wrong. There is a nuanced difference and when you are inspired and start Talking Excitingly you will instantly know the difference.

What Gets Me Talking Excitingly?

The things that inspire me are countless but without a doubt, the number one thing is travel and everything that goes with it. Simply put I love going and see new things and there is rarely a place I don’t love.

   - Backpacking Through the Mountains - LOVE IT

   - Window Shopping on Rodeo Drive - LOVE IT

   - People Watching on the Main Drag Through Gatlinburg, TN - LOVE IT

   - People Watching on the Champs-Élysées in Paris - LOVE IT

   - Canoeing in the Boundry Waters in Canada - LOVE IT

   - Cruising the Caribbean on a Disney Ship - LOVE IT

   - Eating in a Tiny Pub on an Irish Country Road - LOVE IT

   - Eating in a Michelin Star Restaurant - LOVE IT

I just love all aspects of travel and I love capturing those moments on my camera and sharing it with people so that hopefully those moments that get me Talking Excitingly will inspire them to go out into world find the people, places and things that starts them talking excitingly.

Ins and Outs

I live in Duluth, GA (a suburb of Atlanta) with my wife, teenage son (give me the strength not to kill him) and my two rescue dogs. My fulltime gig is as a marketing executive for a BussinesProcess Outsourcing company (yes, it is as exciting as it sounds) and also the real estate manager for the firm. This job keeps me very busy but also gives me the ability to travel and purchase camera equipment. In addition to my job and travels, I also am an assistant scoutmaster and the graphic artist for my son's high school lacrosse program. Oh, and in my spare moments, I love watching my alma mater, The University of Georgia, play football and Atlanta United play soccer.

Contact Me

Love the site? Hate the site? I've royally effed something up? You just want to say hello? No matter the reason you can reach me by emailing me at bburgess@talkingexcitingly.com.